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I must admit, I am a bit of a hoarder. I have a difficult time saying goodbye to the old friends that are simply my elementary arts and crafts projects, my late grandmother’s sewing kit that practically has a collection of cobwebs standing down there in the garage and my stack of unused Christmas sweaters. These items hold a sentimental value to me, even if they are simply an obstruction in my wannabee minimalist life. That’s why I hired Brad Roemer Realtor not for his team’s realty know-how—although it is with no doubt one of the best in the Oakland market since his associate Kassandra Parker was in fact the realtor who allowed my husband and I to buy our dream home at the best possible rate—we needed his subdomain team for their interior design expertise. What do you know, as long-term clients Brad Roemer and not one of his associate designers was the one to show up at our door as the California sunset began to drape over our rooftop. I decided to share along some of the tips he gave me as I shed myself from my hoarding ways.


Purging Certain Items Should Be A No-Brainer

The reason Roemer decided to show up at our door unannounced is because his design sub-category of his business is truly a great passion of his that he deems the perfect hobby. Hoarding is an essential issue that most individuals have to face come spring, therefore he thought it would make for a good blog post if he took our story and related it to his general audience on the lifestyle blog section. The second he walked into our door, his team following him with a garbage got to work. There are a few main elements that had to be taken away without the flash of an eyebrow, such as my clustered piles of magazines that from 2008 and my overflowing bookshelves that contained textbooks of irrelevant subjects to my work. Also, those books that I bought from a used book store, thinking that I’d have the willingness to pick them up whenever I had the chance? They have been collecting dust since the day I bought them and never picked them up again.


The Kitchen Is A Big Culprit

When they got to my kitchen, they started comparing my kitchen tools and accessories by opening up the drawers. It turns out that we have a lot of unused items from our early days when we used to go on grand IKEA halls—purchasing the cheap cutlery until we could afford the nicer stuff. Along with the old take-out menus for Chinese restaurants that have since closed shop, these unused tools will make better use at the Salvation Army. Not to mention the load of chipped cups that I love but will never bear the humiliation of placing out in public. When it comes to the spice cupboard, don’t be alarmed by the fact that spices can in fact go stale. Ever heard of your favorite Aztec salt going lurid dry? It’s a thing, and it must be dealt with before you add some more salt to your already salty alfredo sauce.